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Why choose Feng Shui Construction Company?

Why choose Feng Shui Construction Company? choose Asian Construction Feng Shui Company

A Dong Feng Feng Shui Construction Company was established and developed from 2009 to now because it has brought Feng Shui into the Building and vice versa building into Feng Shui ... As well as the delicious, sweet and fat chocolate bars Two main ingredients are Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Powder. Since ancient times, Feng Shui has been very important to homes. Feng Shui today requires Feng Shui, Architects, Engineers are good at designing Feng Shui homes for the right layout (Feng Shui is not superstitious, but a subject. Paralympic Science).

With the professional criteria in the work, dedicated in service and thoughtful after-sales. Feng Shui Construction Co., Ltd is always the trusted design and contractor company. The company has designed and constructed all items of over 300 projects such as Villas, Office buildings, Supermarkets, Hotels, Townhouses ...

The company always grows in trust of customers to complete the works with commitment to quality and prestige as the target. 



The construction schedule of the construction company of the East Asia Construction Company always has improvements, the construction of high technology with specialized materials - technical, to ensure quality and longevity. Submit.

Asia Dong Construction Co., Ltd is confident to undertake the construction work, including common technical errors such as Tilting, Sinking, Cracking, especially forging ... to 05 years.

. Acrylic Works - Concrete:

  • Using brick walls to build the foundation for the foundation, the momentum to brace, the momentum to brace, ensuring the underground structure of the project.
  • Use the new phase completely for columns, momentum ... the upper floor
  • Use anti-leveling measures in accordance with high standards
  • Use commercial concrete, properly designed, ready in the factory and poured with specialized pumps (except for concrete works can not enter).
  • Always encourage customers to poured Concrete all floors, Front yard
  • The windows of the balcony, the terrace, the momentum of the horizontal walls against the walls above 4m, and the columns of the balcony ... to ensure the work firmly, not afraid of being cracking later
  • Always empty the whole tank of septic tank, underground tank ... avoid any further problems. Construction work - Cracking:

  • Using bricks to build factories with the technology of Tuynel, size 8x18, absolutely do not use brick combination, brick kiln ...
  • Use clean sand for building
  • Constructed mortar mixer with tilting mixer, the correct rate, do not mix hands
  • Always have steel anchor Column - Wall against cracking
  • Close the steel mesh linking the entire wall intersection with the momentum, columns, stairs, window head walls, doors, wall plumbing, electricity, air conditioning .... Before painting, to prevent cracking, tear later  Water - Electricity Works:

  • Using the whole pipe is High Molecular Weight Polypropylene Random Copolymers (PPR).
  • Use of sound conduit wall, floor sound is hard tube, chicken intestinal tube used only to drop the rope on the plaster ceiling.
  • Constructing electricity according to the method of dividing the lines according to their use purposes, having CP break off on each floor separately, avoiding all risks of short-circuiting, fire and explosion.
  • Construction method of electricity - water according to the standard of high buildings, test the whole system before putting into use
  Waterproofing Works:

  • Use Silka or Flinkote waterproofing admixture, according to the company's standard procedure, waterproof warranty up to 5 years.
  • Waterproofing, Balcony, Snooze, Terrace, Roof ... construction standards, the waterproof warranty up to 5 years  Work Safety:

  • Feng Shui Construction Co., Ltd has the process of construction safety according to construction standards of high buildings. Workers are trained on occupational safety and use of safety equipment during construction and occupational safety.
  • Set up the whole system of construction works, perform the connection of special construction electricity according to foreign procedures, not to affect the neighboring works.
  • Insurance for Workers, Works and for Third Parties




  • For further information, please refer to: "HIGH QUALITY WORKS" by Feng Shui Construction Co., Ltd.
  • A Dong Feng Feng Shui Construction Company organizes construction, self-supplying materials in the raw materials, organizes technical supervision, ensures labor safety for all items of the works, commits not to sell bid.